Liquor Licensing and Permitting

Your Full-Service Liquor License Attorneys

For bars, restaurants, and any company in the hospitality industry, a liquor license is often the most valuable part of their business. That is why at Runco Law, we continually work to maintain the skill and knowledge necessary to serve all our Colorado and Nevada clients’ alcohol licensing needs. Runco Law attorneys diligently work on behalf of our clients to make the liquor licensing process as fast and efficient as possible.

Whether operating a brewery, winery, or distillery or selling alcohol at a bar, restaurant, or liquor store, your business requires federal, state, or local liquor licensing. From brewpubs and tasting rooms, to entertainment districts and promotional associations, Runco Law helps all clients navigate the complex liquor licensing process.

Runco Law attorneys work closely with regulators to help our clients stay informed and compliant, whether they are retail, wholesale, manufacturing, or a combination of all three.

Not only do Runco Law lawyers help you obtain your liquor license , our attorneys help you keep it. Runco Law keeps clients compliant with the liquor laws governing their operations. In the unfortunate event of a potential liquor license violation , Runco Law attorneys resolve any liquor license suspensions or issues and prevent future violations.

For years, Runco Law has guided the alcohol beverage industry. Our extensive experience working with legislators and regulators through trade associations guarantees that Runco Law clients are the most up-to-date and informed businesses in the alcohol industry.